Hello Lovely People,
Welcome to our blog!

We are so delighted and excited to announce a busy summer for Barbarella’s Bang Bang! We have a string of festivals and concerts booked and we can’t wait to share our musical mayhem with you! Are you coming to any of those festivals stated on our new, fresh and delicious website? We really hope so.

Besides the performing angle of our journey, we are also writing some new material but sssssh…don’t spread the word too much until it’s actually out and about in the real world! What you could do to support us through this creative process, is to send us some good thoughts and wish us a lot of luck and musical prosperity. That would be such a bless for us. In exchange… we will take you on a time rocket, through turbulent and fluffy times… tickle you with some cheeky smiles and give you a few doses of emotional, musical ecstasy… the real deal yo!

You can indulge in such an exquisite thing when you want… just let us know or come to find us;).

See you in the blink of an eye.

Much love
Barbarella’s Bang Bang


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